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The Stonemason's House


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"Not so very long ago a stonemason lived in a small wooden house near the mountain."

Like the work of its predecessor, this classical homage to the fairy tales of George MacDonald is about far more than is immediately apparent.

“To encounter a living writer who wipes away a century of sophisticated cynicism and dark wit (even in fairy tales) is like the first breath taken by a man just freed from a dungeon prison. … The Stonemason’s House, even with its stern lessons on love, refreshes us.”—Charlie W. Starr, author of Light and The Faun’s Bookshelf

This hand-bound hardcover edition of The Stonemason’s House is printed on 100% cotton rag. Every copy features a hand-carved and hand-printed woodcut cover illustration by Stephen Crotts.

Released October 15, 2019 from Weem Adrift Publishing.


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