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The Manger Is Empty: Stories In Time


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Like Miz Lil and the Chronicles of Grace and much of his other writings, Wangerin's new collection of stories, parables, and poems shines with his unique blend of power and vulnerability, passion and faith. Time and time again he discerns Jesus' presence in the stuff of everyday reality, just as his seven-year-old daughter, playing Mary in a Christmas pageant, suddenly resolves her grief over the death of an elderly friend as she stares with fresh eyes at the doll in the manger. Christmas is an explicit focus in the first part of the book--Christmas: "The Season in White"--but broadly speaking, an incarnational theme also graces pieces in Ordinary Time: "The Seasons Green" and in The Final Advent: "Purple." The Manger Is Empty is highly recommended for most collections. Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc.

This is a HarperCollins Paperback copy of Walter Wangerin's 1989 short story collection The Manger is Empty.



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