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Choosing Sides


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I'm On Your Side
She Finds A Way
Swing Wide The Glimmering Gates
The Arms Of Love
Without You
I Thank God For You
What I Know Now

This latest release from Andrew Osenga caused me to pause in my work and wonder why on earth he’s not traveling the globe playing rock anthems and guitar riffs to sold out stadiums all over the world. 

In my mind, I also prefer to imagine that Andy's flanked by massive stonehenge-like pillars of obsidian (possibly topped with a gargoyle doing battle with an Angel of Rock), while he wields a guitar that’s actually made of molten Awesome, and eyebrow-singeing pyrotechnics light up the stage every few seconds so that astronauts can report to have seen the show from space.

This could all come true. Buy the album and make it happen. —Pete Peterson



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