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Limited Full-Color Hardcover Edition: Rembrandt Is In the Wind

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Rabbit Room Press is proud to present this limited full-color, hardcover edition of Russ Ramsey's remarkable Rembrandt Is in the Wind.

This special print run features the art in all its vibrant glory and the entire book has been redesigned in a larger size so that each painting is displayed alongside the text that discusses it (in the trade edition, the art is gathered into a single insert in the book). This edition also features a special introduction by Russ Ramsey and is printed in full-color, coated paper throughout. Don't miss the unique opportunity to own a beautiful copy of this book. When they are gone, they are gone forever.

Did you know Vincent van Gogh sold only one painting during his lifetime and that during the last three months of his life he completed an average of one painting every day?

Did you know that Michelangelo's David is covered in a dusting of human skin?

Did you know Caravaggio murdered several people while he was painting some of the most glorious paintings of biblical scenes the world has ever known?

Rembrandt Is in the Wind by Russ Ramsey is an invitation to discover some of the world's most celebrated artists and works, while presenting the gospel of Christ in a way that speaks to the struggles and longings common to the human experience.

The book is part art history, part biblical study, part philosophy, and part analysis of the human experience; but it's all story. The lives of the artists in this book illustrate the struggle of living in this world and point to the beauty of the redemption available to us in Christ. Each story is different. Some conclude with resounding triumph while others end in struggle. But all of them raise important questions about humanity's hunger and capacity for glory, and all of them teach us to love and see beauty.



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