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The King Has Arrived


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Let this music remind you that God’s plan extends back to the very beginning and that He is using even the present to bring about the fullness of that plan. Take courage, friends. The Lord is on the move.


He's Here (feat. Becca Jordan & Stephanie Devlin)
Don't Touch the Toaster!
A Long, Long Time Ago
Doesn't It Blow Your Mind?
Down, Down
Isaiah 9 V2 and 6
His Name Is (Prince of Peace)
Good Chooses the Unlikeliest of People
The King Has Arrived
The Heavenly Choir (Funky Angels)
Mr. Grumpy and Hank Williams
God's Special Son Is Here
It Doesn't Matter Where You Come From
King of the Nations
The List
Jesus Is Better Than Santa
Why Not It Read It For Yourself?
The First Christmas Song (feat. Ron Block)


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