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Beside the Pond: A Big Old Garden Story

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Beside the Pond: A Big Old Garden Story is a childrens' story in the spirit of beloved calssics by Thornton Burgess and Beatrix Potter. It is the sequel to the well-received A Year in the Big Garden and, like its predecessor, introduces young readers to a cast of backyard wildlife, following their adventures through the seasons. Fans of the Big Old Garden will meet new friends as well as some old ones, and experience the world through the perspective of a bullfrog who has a little problem.

Praise for The Big Old Garden

"A Year in the Big Old Garden is a gem. Witmer's stories are sweet and delightful. I enjoyed them as much as my kids did. These short, charming tales are perfect bedtime." - S.D. Smith, author of The Green Ember

"Witmer tells stories that feel at once old and new. I sense in them a hat-tip to Aesop, a wave to Thornton Burgess, and a respectful nod to Beatrix Potter. Witmer is clearly writing as part of an older tradition, and yet these stories feel as inventive and original as they do welcoming and familiar." - Théa Rosenburg, for



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