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The Golden Key


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Young friends Tangle and Mossy undertake an epic adventure in the Faerie realm when they go in search of the "land whence the shadows fall." In this graphic novel adaptation by illustrator Stephen Hesselman, George MacDonald's beloved fairy tale comes to life in stunning color and imagery. Foreword by Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson. Colored by Hayley Evans and lettered by Jonny Jimison.

George MacDonald is often regarded as the founding father of modern fantasy and is considered a major influence on C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. A contemporary and friend of Mark Twain and Lewis Carroll, his fellow writers were also his biggest fans. His best-known works are Phantastes, The Princess and the Goblin, At the Back of the North Wind, and Lilith, all fantasy novels, and fairy tales such as "The Light Princess,” "The Golden Key,” and "The Wise Woman.”

Stephen Hesselman is an illustrator living in the Nashville area. He has illustrated Carolyn Clare Givens' The King's Messenger, A. S. Peterson's The Oracle of Philadelphia, and has illustration contributions to multiple volumes of The Molehill.




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