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Theo of Golden


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Theo of Golden is the endearing story of a curious old man who quietly moves into a southern city and, for reasons unknown to anyone but himself, undertakes a campaign of anonymous generosity. 

Theo’s love for people, combined with his fondness for books, art, birds, and story, unite in a colorful expression of outreach and affection.

Stories are shared, friendships are born, and lives, in response to his inexplicable kindness, are affirmed and transformed. 

The old man, no stranger to sadness and loss, quickly becomes a welcome presence in the community but his new friends and neighbors wonder, who is Theo? And why is he here? 

Beautifully written stories of kindness and neighborliness are always timely, but perhaps especially so now. 

Meet Theo of Golden. He’s happy to meet you.

Written by Rabbit Room Press Author, Allen Levi. 



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