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Hogan's House of Boogie
Wolves A-Howling
The Spotted Pony (Featuring Stuart Duncan, Alison Krauss, and Adam Steffey
Clinch Mountain Backstep
Gentle Annie (Featuring Tim Crouch)
Mooney Flat Road (Featuring Stuart Duncan and Alison Krauss
Mollie Catherine Carter
Seneca Square Dance (Featuring Sierra Hull)
You Are My Sunshine
Lonesome Road Blues
'65 Mustang Blues (Featuring Sam Bush and Jerry Douglas)
Brushy Fork Of John's Creek
Carter's Creek Pike
Home Sweet Home

Ron Block, longtime member of the Grammy-winning band Alison Krauss and Union Station, discovers a whole new area of uncharted terrain, with the release of his fourth solo album, Hogan’s House of Music, his first-ever all-instrumental collection. Whether it’s the fierce, passionate bluegrass of “Smartville,” which incorporates pentatonic, string-bending electric guitar-inspired left-hand banjo work, or his hopped-up take on the classic “Clinch Mountain Backstep,” Block’s myriad influences are on display throughout the new collection, from Flatt and Scruggs to Larry Carlton to a lifetime of memorable experiences which the consummate musician pours into each track, resulting in 16 unique and compelling wordless stories.

Supplementing Block’s own banjo and guitar playing on the album is a host of celebrated musicians, including his Union Station band mates Barry Bales, Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminski, and Jerry Douglas, as well as Stuart Duncan, Sierra Hull, Adam Steffey, Sam Bush, Tim Crouch, Rob Ickes, Clay Hess, Mark Fain, Byron House, Lynn Williams, and Jeff Taylor. The backing tracks run the gamut from a simple banjo and mandolin duet (“Seneca Squaredance”) to the free-for all of “Mooney Flat Road,” which spotlights two guitars, mandolin, octave mandolin, two fiddles, banjo, snare, bass, and accordion.

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