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Slugs & Bugs: The Videos


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Slugs & Bugs - The Videos, Vol. 1 contains 17 high-quality animated videos, featuring the same bright colors and characters from the energetic, joy-filled “Slugs & Bugs LIVE!” concert! Now, for the first time, you can purchase the DVD and enjoy the videos in your home, at church, or on the go! Act now! This offer will never end!

1. Stop

2. The Postman

3. Who’s Got The Ball

4. God Made Me

5. Bears

6. Chicken Wiggle

7. Tractor, Tractor

8. Tiger

9. Jesus Loves Me

10. Shepherd Dad

11. God Makes Messy Things Beautiful

12. I’m Adopted

13. Mexican Rhapsody

14. Where You Gonna Go

15. I Wanna Help

16. Dizzy

17. Ninja



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