A Severe Mercy
by Sheldon Vanauken

This acclaimed story traces the idyllic marriage of Sheldon and Jean Vanauken, their search for faith, their friendship with C.S. Lewis and the tragedy of untimely death and love lost. It includes 18 letters by C.S. Lewis. A winner of the National Religious Book Award and the Gold Medallion Award.

  • A Severe Mercy
    Trade Paperback

Comments & Reviews

Jun 2013

A friend gave me this book after the sudden, accidental death of my oldest sister. Van Auken’s description of his grieving process was a relief to me as I struggled, at 21 years of age, to cope with my own grief and to adjust to a completely new life without my sister. When a local family lost their child, I slipped this into their mailbox. As precious as the book was to me, I hoped it would comfort them as well. Beautifully and soulfully written, A Severe Mercy is a must read for anyone dealing with grief and loss. Even if you aren’t dealing with such things, it is a moving story of love, faith, acceptance, and hope.

A Severe Mercy