A Way to See in the Dark
by Jason Gray Jason Gray

Jason Gray’s latest album.

Click here to read what Jason had to say about the project in his interview with the Rabbit Room’s Matt Conner.

The Special Edition includes deluxe hardcover packaging and a second CD with demos, alternate versions, and bonus tracks.

  • A Way to See in the Dark
  • A Way to See in the Dark
    Special Edition CD


Preview 1 Remind Me Who I Am 3:47
Preview 2 The End Of Me 3:33
Preview 3 No Thief Like Fear 3:41
Preview 4 Good To Be Alive 3:24
Preview 5 The Sound Of Our Breathing 3:31
Preview 6 Without Running Away 3:55
Preview 7 Fear Is Easy, Love Is Hard 3:51
Preview 8 Nothing Is Wasted 3:47
Preview 9 A Way To See In The Dark 3:38
Preview 10 The Other Side 4:23
Preview 11 I Will Find A Way 4:14
Preview 12 Jesus, We Are Grateful 5:43

Comments & Reviews

Jun 2013

The first album I’ve purchase since the nineties, and my only disappointment is that we lost it somewhere between the house and the car! I could spend an entire day listening to Jason Gray’s music. (Actually, I HAVE spent an entire day listening!) Musics and lyrics alike are heartfelt, poetic, and beautiful.

Jun 2013

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father of lights. Jason and his music are good gifts (and close enough to perfect for me…)

Sep 2011

One of the best albums I’ve bought all year! I love Jason Gray’s music, and his newest album did not disappoint me!

A Way to See in the Dark
  • Released 2011