Above These City Lights (Live)
by Andrew Peterson Andrew Peterson

If you’ve never seen Andrew Peterson and the Captains Courageous live in concert, this record is the next best thing. It was recorded in Atlanta in the fall of 2010.

  • Above These City Lights (Live)
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Preview 1 Many Roads (Live) 4:18
Preview 2 High Noon (Live) 4:15
Preview 3 Planting Trees (Intro) 5:41
Preview 4 Planting Trees (Live) 3:37
Preview 5 World Traveler (Live) 3:59
Preview 6 Dancing In The Minefields (Live) 4:13
Preview 7 God Of My Fathers (Live) 3:51
Preview 8 Calling Out Your Name (Live) 3:47
Preview 9 The Reckoning (Live) 3:59
Preview 10 After The Last Tear Falls (Live) 4:43

Comments & Reviews

Jun 2013

I hesitated to buy this album, just because I have all but one of the songs on it on other albums… but I just couldn’t resist.  Partly because I love Calling Out Your Name (which I didn’t have anywhere else) and partly because Andrew’s music is so compelling that every rendition is unique.

I’m a pretty frugal person, but I have to say that the intro to “Planting Trees” and “Calling Out Your Name” alone are worth the price of this album. As the daughter of a stay-at-home Mom and a woman who hopes to stay home with my own kids one day, it’s refreshing to hear such a warm recognition of the value of those women in a world where women who wish to stay home are often made to feel like that is “less” than living up to our potential in life and in ministry. Love it.

Above These City Lights (Live)