Above These City Lights (Live)
by Andrew Peterson Andrew Peterson

If you’ve never seen Andrew Peterson and the Captains Courageous live in concert, this record is the next best thing. It was recorded in Atlanta in the fall of 2010.

  • Above These City Lights (Live)
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Preview 1 Many Roads (Live) 4:18
Preview 2 High Noon (Live) 4:15
Preview 3 Planting Trees (Intro) 5:41
Preview 4 Planting Trees (Live) 3:37
Preview 5 World Traveler (Live) 3:59
Preview 6 Dancing In The Minefields (Live) 4:13
Preview 7 God Of My Fathers (Live) 3:51
Preview 8 Calling Out Your Name (Live) 3:47
Preview 9 The Reckoning (Live) 3:59
Preview 10 After The Last Tear Falls (Live) 4:43

Comments & Reviews

Jun 2013

I hesitated to buy this album, just because I have all but one of the songs on it on other albums… but I just couldn’t resist.  Partly because I love Calling Out Your Name (which I didn’t have anywhere else) and partly because Andrew’s music is so compelling that every rendition is unique.

I’m a pretty frugal person, but I have to say that the intro to “Planting Trees” and “Calling Out Your Name” alone are worth the price of this album. As the daughter of a stay-at-home Mom and a woman who hopes to stay home with my own kids one day, it’s refreshing to hear such a warm recognition of the value of those women in a world where women who wish to stay home are often made to feel like that is “less” than living up to our potential in life and in ministry. Love it.

Jul 2015

Well, first of all, thank you KatieT for your review, because I am that stay-at-home Mom who needed to hear that intro to “Planting Trees” today, and the song itself brought me to tears… which are still lingering as I type this.  I live in Central Asia, with my husband and three kids ages 8, 6, and 3, and we have been working amongst an unreached people group for over a decade.  And seen very little fruit.  We plant trees - my husband is an orchardist - and we make relationships and pour out our lives among these people who sometimes seem to care less whether we’re here or not.  Lately I’ve been feeling deeply the shoulder-bowing weight of my utter helplessness to cause anything at all to bloom, apart from the rushing water and wind of the Holy Spirit’s coming.  All I can do is… pray.  And wait.  And pray some more.  I have loved Andrew Peterson’s music for years, but if there are levels of fanhood, I have reached a new depth this summer in my need for and love for his art.  Desperate for a relief from the drudgery of the daily grind with three little ones in a difficult environment, I have been savoring every word of his Wingfeather Saga this summer, doling out the audiobooks to myself month by month.  (I’m supposed to wait until August to listen to The Warden and The Wolf King, but it’s not going to happen. I’ve got it cued up for tomorrow. I just can’t wait any longer.)  I’ve also been desperate for some new music, haven’t heard a live show of any kind in… years, and I’m a music major and a singer/songwriter myself.  After scouring iTunes to no avail, I clicked over here to the Rabbit Room to see if there was something of Andrew’s I haven’t heard yet - and found this.  The cover art and KatieT’s review alone made me put in my basket and punch it through without a second thought, and now I’m writing the longest review in the history of this site just to say… thank you.  The song you opened this show with, Andrew, made me feel like I, on this Central Asian Sunday afternoon, as I try to mother my three kids into the light in the midst of a very dark place, was meant to buy this album, was meant to “be there” in the room with all those other people, as I lay in my bed, and wept for sheer relief at being understood.  Even though I may never get the chance to hear you in concert, my experience this afternoon is living proof of why every artist should record at least one show live, with all it’s quirks, so that someone who needs the immediacy and intimacy of living art can have it, anywhere in the world.

Above These City Lights (Live)