All the Lovely Losers
by Jason Gray Jason Gray

“Jason’s music communicates something so deeply human, yet always in light of a divine hope… All The Lovely Losers

is an album full of great surprises.”

- Sara Groves

“Jason… is one of Christian music’s best kept secrets, with everything his peers have to offer and more”


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Preview 1 Blessed Be 3:30
Preview 2 Sing Through Me 4:49
Preview 3 This Far 3:32
Preview 4 Weak 4:02
Preview 5 The Cut 4:51
Preview 6 You Are Mercy 3:58
Preview 7 I'm Not Going Down 4:21
Preview 8 Into The Mystery 3:45
Preview 9 Someday (The Butterfly) 4:49
Preview 10 Move 3:26
Preview 11 Grace 6:07
Preview 12 Everything I Own 4:17

Comments & Reviews

Bill B
Jan 2010

I got this after getting “Everthing Sad is Coming Untrue”. This is a very good album indeed. I don’t like it as much as his newest, but that is OK because it is still well worth owning. All of the songs are consistantly good except for one. “Grace” is a song I could listen to (had have listened to) over and over again. I suggest that you get both albums just to be safe…

Pastor Bond
Nov 2009

Superb collection of insightful and moving music. Jason approaches the theme of God’s strength in our weakness with insight born of experience. Powerful testimony to the power of God’s grace.

All the Lovely Losers