Appendix C
by Andrew Peterson Andrew Peterson

About Appendix C: Live with the Captains Courageous:

Two of the songs were recorded live on the Behold tour last year, and feature the full band, along with Bebo and Jill Phillips on BGVs. Five of them were recorded in the Night Owl’s Nest (Gullahorn’s studio). Ben, Andy G., and I set up a few mics and pressed record. If you ever wondered what the three of us sounded like in concert, this will give you a good idea, minus the side-splitting humor and savage good-looks. They’re the tracks from the limited edition RL 2.5 CD that we sold out of on the release tour in October.

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Preview 1 The Good Confession (Live) 4:15
Preview 2 The Far Country (Live) 3:57
Preview 3 Windows In The World (Live) 3:10
Preview 4 I've Got News (Studio Live) 2:48
Preview 5 All Things New (Studio Live) 3:51
Preview 6 More (Studio Live) 3:18
Preview 7 Have Your Way 2:41
Preview 8 Hosanna (Live) 3:54

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Appendix C