Beyond the Frame
by Andy Gullahorn Andy Gullahorn

Beyond the Frame is Andy Gullahorn's fifth album---well, fifth-and-a-half if you count his Christmas record with Jill Phillips. This album is really, really good so we suppose you could call it an "album and a half" and make the whole score an even six.

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Preview 1 I Will
Preview 2 The Surface Of Things
Preview 3 Any Less True
Preview 4 Line In The Sand
Preview 5 The Same Song
Preview 6 Favor Is A Foreign Tongue
Preview 7 Flash In The Pan
Preview 8 My Language
Preview 9 The Other Side
Preview 10 Skinny Jeans
Preview 11 Sleeping Sound
Preview 12 Nowhere to Be Found
Preview 13 Grand Canyon

Comments & Reviews

Louis Febrizio
Aug 2013

The first time I heard Andy Gullahorn’s music he immediately joined my short list of artists whose music engages rather than numbs.  He’s remained there with each new release including his latest, Beyond The Frame.  Intentional or not, this is his most themed, if you will, endeavor to date as he weaves a thread throughout reminding us that it is easy to see and feel much pain and suffering in this world.  With sensitive beauty and deep impact he “bring[s] stories of [his] own from a broken life” and, clearly, from the lives of others as well.  True to his style, as these latest stories gradually unfold they remind you of your own history or enable you to experience that of someone else.  They would be hard to listen to if they didn’t propose resolution and hope.  This collection reminds us that we are not alone, that we need to reach out to one another, and that there is much beauty beyond what we can sometimes currently see. Andy points us to Jesus’ empty tomb and the fact that His truths won’t change.

I’m not a musician but it seems to me that the library of Gullahorn’s music has followed a steady progression of increasing complexity.  I was immediately attracted to his early _simple_ “a guitar and a voice” style.  Seven or eight years ago I would have begged him not to change a thing.  But Beyond the Frame is magnificent with its many strings and richly layered vocals.  Of course it prominently features Andy’s masterful guitar but there are also a few surprise “piano-rich and guitar-poor” treats.  NOTE that I did not say “poor guitar”; that could _never_ be said about Mr. Gullahorn.

I’ve not been a fan of pop music since my age was in single digits.  But if there is a song on this album which heads in that direction it is “The Same Song” and I love it.  Sometimes lyrical strength is in the restraint of what is not said.  “My Language” is a beautiful love song to his wife Jill Phillips and it is all the more poignant to hear her sing (presumably to him!) on it as well.  And to Andy’s fans out there, don’t be dismayed.  Though there is clearly a seriousness to this album you can trust in your fix for one of his silly songs.  Skinny Jeans is a catchy riot complete with hysterical exclamation point (“I’ll show you where I draw mine”).  I am still laughing.

Beyond the Frame is a beautiful album.  Do yourself a favor and grab it.  And be sure to try to see him live if you get a chance.  You’ll never regret either decision.

Beyond the Frame