Birds of Relocation
by Eric Peters Eric Peters

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Produced by Ben Shive
Mixed by Shane Wilson
Vocals recorded by Andy Gullahorn
Co-writes w/ Andy Gullahorn and Randall Goodgame
Additional musicians: Brent Milligan, Will Chapman, Paul Eckberg, Andrew Osenga, James Gregory, Stephen Mason
Special guests: Jill Phillips, Andy Gullahorn

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Preview 1 The Old Year
Preview 2 Lost And Found
Preview 3 Don't Hold Your Breath
Preview 4 Where Would I Go
Preview 5 Voices
Preview 6 Today Dream
Preview 7 Soul And Flesh
Preview 8 Different, Separate Lives
Preview 9 No Stone Unturned
Preview 10 The New Year
Preview 11 Fighting For Life

Comments & Reviews

Apr 2012

The unique art of Eric Peters continues, in what seems to be his most emotional & rewarding endeavor yet, with Birds of Relocation.

One thing first off, I did not realize Eric is also a gifted painter, and the album cover is one of his originals, which is simply beautiful.

I have listened to the album several dozen times in the few weeks since its release. I thoroughly enjoyed the listening party with Eric’s commentary at the Rabbit Room. The explanation of the songs was very interesting and enjoyable.

What I really like, and am drawn to Eric’s writing style, is his human transparency. He come clean and declares himself a human; no hiding in any disguises. Eric is one who fails and continues to try, one who loves and gets a broken heart. He cries and says he is unapologetically sad, because his heart and soul need to cry. He looks introspectively at life and sees what happened without any filters. He is one who is weak and is strong at tries to deal with that paradox.

Here are some songs that have found their way into my fibers so far:

- The Old Year: I can relate to this. Have you ever had a real tough year or period of time that when it was finally over you realize you’re ok? I gather Eric did and went through something pretty hard and was able to say to that year, “Ha, Ha year! – you didn’t take me down!”

- Lost & Found: We all desire to be found and to know someone is looking for us even if we feel we want to hide. We all want to be found. I love the line,” Children hide themselves behind their hands and peek through to found once again”.

- Today Dream: I thought I was the only one who enjoyed zoning off. Apparently not. It a cry to be present but not to change by our loved ones.

- Soul & Flesh: A love song that is extremely intimate on a deep level. Truly my favorite so far of the album.

- No Stone Unturned: A prayer of confession to God in a way. Admitting of his faults and accepting his searching pursuit of each of us. I was ashamed until He (God) changed that.

- Fighting For My Life: A very deep and personal look into Eric’s Heart and emotions. It seems so personal that I feel almost uncomfortable being there, but, I at the same time understand and feel familiar thoughts in myself as well.

His last release, Chrome, has a very special place in my heart and I am not sure why but the melodies and pictures painted in my soul just mesmerize me. BOR has quickly become something I will cherish as well. A tip of the hat to Mr. Shive for bringing out what he hears in Eric.

Paul Holderman

Birds of Relocation