Choosing Sides
by Andrew Osenga Andrew Osenga

This latest release from Andrew Osenga caused me to pause in my work and wonder why on earth he’s not traveling the globe playing rock anthems and haunting guitar riffs to sold out stadiums all over the world.

In my mind, I also prefer to imagine that he’s flanked by massive stonehenge-like pillars of obsidian (possibly topped with a gargoyle doing battle with an Angel of Rock), while Andy wields a guitar that’s actually made of molten Awesome, and eyebrow singeing pyrotechnics light up the stage every few seconds so that astronauts can report to have seen the show from space.

This could all come true. Buy the album and make it happen. —Pete Peterson

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Preview 1 I'm On Your Side
Preview 2 She Finds A Way
Preview 3 Swing Wide The Glimmering Gates
Preview 4 The Arms Of Love
Preview 5 Waiting
Preview 6 Rest
Preview 7 Without You
Preview 8 I Thank God For You
Preview 9 What I Know Now
Preview 10 Memory

Comments & Reviews

May 2010

I must start off stating something brutally honest: I haven’t been a Osenga fan. I have thoroughly enjoyed most of all the Square Peg Alliance, except for - Andy O. I bought “The Morning” a year or two ago and can certainly say I nod respect to him as a musician and have no problem supporting someone like him as an artist but secretly, I didn’t feel his music.

I am not sure if this has something to do with it or not, but I read reviews upon reviews of his music because I WANT to like Andy’s work I stumbled across his facebook page and read his list of influences. 3 stuck out to me as favorites of mine as well – Gabriel/Springsteen/Knopfler. SO, all of a sudden, now I get his music, after relating to his influences. I know, it seems strange but now I understand Andy Osenga and his music so much better knowing where he might be coming from - is that fair or right of me?

In any case, I can honestly say that “Choosing Sides” is a great piece of work. The song “Waiting” is worth the price of admission all by itself. The new version of “Shimmering Gates” is not overly produced but tastefully done and reflects the core album feel very well.

I am a fan of Andrew Osenga. Sorry Andy for the past misunderstanding.

Mar 2010

Wow. This album is good. It’s not often that I can listen to songs for the first time and they make me drop what I’m doing so I can just listen. Such was the case with “Rest”. The words were exactly what my heart and body feels so often, but I have never heard them put to song. It was a beautiful prayer of weakness and dependence on God.

That’s just one song. The album is solid through and through and is quite possibly Andrew’s best work.

Choosing Sides