by Andy Gullahorn Andy Gullahorn and Jill Phillips

A collection of both classic and original Christmas songs from Andy Gullahorn and Jill Phillips. Click here to read the Rabbit Room interview with Jill about the project

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Comments & Reviews

Michele V
Dec 2010

I just love it! I have a few initial favorites, but with each listening I find something new that makes me smile or stirs my heart. A wonderful addition to my selective and cherished Christmas music collection.

Nov 2010

This is a wonderfully pleasant surprise! Don’t get me wrong, both Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn are gifted musicians, singers, and songwriters, but it’s a Christmas album. At first, I expected this would be just another Christmas album. You know…the obligatory 8 to 10 songs, with standards everyone knows…no new twists, just jolly-jingle fun.

Not the case here. There are some classics, and there aren’t many new twists on these, but the arrangements allow the lyrics to be heard in a new way. The original songs are moving and powerful.

And…if all of the other songs were horrible, the album would still be worth the price for the enhanced version of “It’s Cold Outside.” You’ve never heard this song so realistically done…especially between a husband and wife. Let’s just say that gifting your wife with a less than desirable gift may be enough reason for a guy to be begging to come in even if it weren’t cold outside.

Download these 12 tracks and enjoy!

Nov 2010

Delightful! Even more wonderful than what I have come to expect from Andy and Jill. This is exactly why people like Andy, even if they are not thrilled with Christmas music, need to create it. Every song on this album is fresh and original- the lyrics leap out in smiles because of the new musical expression this duo brought to the table. LOVE IT!

Nov 2010

I usually get all worried when I buy a new Christmas album because I think it will probably be boring and a waste of money. I love Christmas music, but it seems like lately any “traditional” Christmas albums put out are either too simple or trying too hard to be different. In fact, Behold the Lamb of God and City on a Hill It’s Christmastime are the only newer (ok, so they’re not so new, but you know what I mean) Christmas albums I’ve enjoyed in the recent years. I popped the Christmas CD in for a long drive and immediately started to tune out…but it wasn’t long before the sweet voices of Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn pulled me back and made me listen (sorry if calling a guy’s voice “sweet” is offensive). They have clearly put a lot of creative effort into this album, which ends up being the perfect blend of traditional and new. Each arrangement is unique without being overdone. One song that usually makes me cringe when I see it on a Christmas album is O Holy Night- “not again!” I think. But I love love love this one. I also really appreciated In the Nations that Long in Darkness Walked and Once in Royal David’s City- you don’t see those often and they are definitely worthwhile Christmas songs. This album turned out awesome. Thanks so much. (And I agree with a previous reviewer who said Jill could sing the phonebook and I’d be happy about it. What a gifted singer).

Nov 2010

Simply put: I love it! All the other reviewers said it so well, I just have to second their comments. I will keep it on my playlist year round. It’s too good to limit just to Christmas. Same goes for “Behold the Lamb of God.”

Bill B
Nov 2010

Yeah, I got it almost immediately. Jill could sing the phonebook and I’d be happy about it. Andy is as warm and funny and thoughful as ever. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” done as I’d never heard it (in a good way). I have slowed down on my Christmas album purchases, but this one is a must.

Bourne Tim
Nov 2010

If owning most of Jill and Andy’s music wasn’t convincing enough, Andy’s hilarious email announcement of the album was the clincher. Following the download, I broke my rule of listening to an album from start to finish. I immediately jumped to “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” knowing that something sweet-sounding and humorous awaited. No disappointment there.

Once the laughter faded, I went back to give the album a full listen. In all honesty, “O Come All Ye Faithful,” while solid, didn’t grab my attention as much as I would have hoped an opening track would. That’s where anything remotely resembling criticism ends.

“In the Bleak Midwinter” is one of my favorite, lesser-known Christmas hymns; many Advents seasons pass with churches skipping it (sadly) altogether. Andy and Jill have slightly brightened this melancholy tune into something touching and beautiful. It’s the ultimate refresh, while maintaining the original’s gentle wonder.

The rest of the album follows in the same vein. Refreshing the familiar and old, ably introducing the new or rare. I especially found myself hoping that Jill will consider singing more jazz in the future (“Christmas Time Is Here” and “Baby It’s Cold” showcase her skill in this genre).

A single song made me come undone, though. Jason Gray and Andy ‘s “I Will Find a Way” is haunting, beautiful truth that snuck up on me. I won’t try and explain or sum it up than say that it might be the best Chrismas song written. I will never look at the name “Emmanuel” the same way.

“Christmas” is the album many of us hope for at the beginning of the season when so many try and fail (save for the occasional gem). Well done Jill, Andy, Ben et al.

Nov 2010

In a word, this album is: precious.

I do not have the habit of purchasing Christmas albums. But after hearing Andy play “I Will FInd a Way” live in a concert near our town, I was sure that I had to have it. I bought it just for that song.

After listening to the whole thing the first time I was sure this album would continue playing well after Christmas. This was the first time I heard Jill singing… what a team! My favorites are: “I Will Find a Way” and “Nations That Long In Darkness Walked.” In sum, BUY IT!

Dan K
Nov 2010

I truly enjoy this album. Except the title - I’m still pulling for “A Gullahorn of Plenty - Christmas” as a title - maybe their next one.

Truly a great Christmas album. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is done with class & humor. “I Will Find a Way” is heartwrenching and will be enjoyed year round. For me the standards breath new. The usual songs aren’t used as standards to show vocal acumen, the songs are sharpened to show the point.

Nov 2010

I always knew that if Jill and Andy got together on an album like they’ve done here it would be amazing. I was right. This CD is amazing. There aren’t words for how much I love “Baby It’s Cold Outside” It’s so great. The whole album is a great introduction to Christmas. You need it!

Nov 2010

Baby It’s Cold Outside is worth the price of the CD all by itself. Absolute genius! I’ve got it on repeat - I haven’t felt this good in ages…

Nov 2010

Just purchased and it is already one of my favorites! Another excellent production from my favorite musical, husband/wife team! Can’t wait to see the Behold the Lamb of God!

Nov 2010

Just downloaded the album and listened all the way through. Amazing. Every song is beautiful, great vocals and music. The last track is truly charming. It is a great way to start the Christmas season. Thanks so much.

Nov 2010

If you don’t think Jill Phillips is a jazz chanteuse, take a listen to “baby it’s cold outside.”

also, “i will find a way” is destined to become one of those left-of-center christmas classics.

Nov 2010

Thanks guys…amazing as usual! It made me laugh and smile on a night when I particularly needed it. So glad you finally did a Christmas project as it was way overdue. I will enjoy listening to it throughout the Christmas season. A wonderful mix of fun seasonal music combined with songs that celebrate the true meaning of the season, the birth of our Lord and Savior. I suggest that everyone add this CD to their favorite Christmas CD collection. Before Thanksgiving if possible.