Clear To Venus
by Andrew Peterson Andrew Peterson

A review from Christianity Today:

“Clear to Venus is as good a sophomore album as any songwriter can hope for. It’s similar enough to his first album to please those who are already fans, but his songwriting has grown enough to earn the attention of new listeners. Andrew Peterson’s personable and clever songwriting is truly something special and rare in Christian music, and he’s sure to be a favorite for years to come.”

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Preview 1 No More Faith
Preview 2 Mary Picked The Roses
Preview 3 Isn't It Love
Preview 4 Song And Dance
Preview 5 Loose Change
Preview 6 Hold Up My Arms
Preview 7 Steady As She Goes
Preview 8 Let Me Sing
Preview 9 Alaska Or Bust
Preview 10 Venus
Preview 11 Why Walk When You Can Fly

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Clear To Venus