Coming to Life
by Andrew Osenga Andrew Osenga

Once upon a time, Andy O. was the driving force behind a group called The Normals. We’ve only got a few of these CDs left and when they are gone, they’re gone forever.

  • Coming to Life
    Compact Disc


Preview 1 Every Moment
Preview 2 The Best I Can
Preview 3 Black Dress
Preview 4 We Are The Beggars At The Foot Of God's Door
Preview 5 Hillary
Preview 6 Don't Hold Back (Full On)
Preview 7 No Alibis
Preview 8 These Times
Preview 9 Two Wrongs And A Right
Preview 10 Coming To Life
Preview 11 Heaven Heals
Preview 12 The Survivor

Comments & Reviews

Apr 2011

I bought this album back when it came out early last decade. Like any good music, it hasn’t lost its luster. The instrumentals are fantastic, and the lyrics are honest and blunt in some cases.

My favorite parts of the entire album are the darkness of Black Dress and the sweet brokenness of We Are The Beggars At the Foot of God’s Door. Black Dress is more or less a look into the mind of David when he fell to the temptation of Bathsheba. The guitars are angry and the lyrics justify the wicked action, while recognizing its deadly pull. The song is frantic. It left me with the feeling of filth and sin, which leads to the beauty of the following song: Beggars (for short). Almost as in response to the guilt and despair that sin brings, the song leads us to an appropriate view of where we stand with God. We’re miserable sinful beggars in rags that don’t deserve the least of His grace, and yet “Cinderella’s slipper fits us perfectly, and somehow we’re made royalty with You.”

Andrew Osenga has certainly advanced his craft since this album. But Coming to Life still breaths life and will shake the listener with life’s questions and life’s Creator. I certainly recommend it.

Coming to Life