Counting My Rings: B-sides
by Eric Peters Eric Peters

Four-song EP featuring three previously unreleased tracks and an alternate version of "The Traveling Onion."

"Occasionally in an artist’s career, there are leftover songs, extras, B-sides—lagniappe, if you will. These are complete songs (produced, recorded, and mixed) that, for various reasons, have failed to find a home on any album. I’m fortunate enough, if fortune is the right word, to have a few such extra songs—rings—hiding in the recesses of my portfolio. I see these B-sides as an opportunity for folks to count a few of the rings in the Eric Peters canon that, until now, have remained uncounted and unheard." --Eric Peters

Only available as a digital download, which includes liner notes and lyrics.

  • Counting My Rings: B-sides


Preview 1 Bedlam And The Fuse
Preview 2 Counting My Rings
Preview 3 I Am The Sword
Preview 4 The Traveling Onion

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Counting My Rings: B-sides