Counting Stars
by Andrew Peterson Andrew Peterson

“I can say without a doubt, Counting Stars is one of the best albums of 2010, and again proves that Peterson is one of the best Christian songwriters of our generation.”—Under the Radar

“Counting Stars is the kind of album that you want to have playing while having coffee with friends on a Saturday morning. It’s the kind of album that you want to have on for your children as they drift off to sleep at night. Whether you are in the car, on a plane, or a train, or none of the above, this is the type of album that makes the roads travelled in life, seem worthwhile.”—

“[Counting Stars] celebrates God, family and friends, yet it also addresses the battle between hope and despair.”—Charisma Magazine

Peterson and his fellow folk troubadours remain unafraid of the nitty gritty of communion with God and man. And what others hear as dirges of human despair, Peterson’s imagination transforms into fantastical carols of hope.”—CCM Magazine

Deluxe Download also includes:

-the music video for "Dancing in the Minefields"
-the Rabbit Room exclusive edition of The Making of Counting Stars mini-documentary
-bonus song

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Comments & Reviews

Jun 2013

Every time I tell someone which album of Andrew’s is my favorite, the answer is different. It varies by day, by season, by mood, and by environment, but it’s all but guaranteed that my favorite CD on any given day will be one of his. 

Counting Stars, regardless of mood or season, is always in the running. Whether it’s the reminder in the dark days that “in the night, my Hope lives on,”  the gratefulness for my own heritage of faith that “God of my Fathers” invokes, the dreams that are captured in “World Traveler,” or the lessons learned in “Dancing in the Minefields,” this album captures my heartbeat with every beat of music.

Jun 2013

This remains my all-time favorite Andrew Peterson album. More than the music that’s inside of it, the emotion and heart that it represents is simply beautiful. I’m a huge fan of Andrew Peterson, and this is the best of the best: if you’re new to his music, this is the place to start.


Mar 2011

Such honesty in the lyrics and beauty in the musical compositions and sound production! I was immediately touched and drawn to purchase other AP products upon a first listening. For Christmas I purchased copies for the four pairs of ushers at our Praise and Worship service. They, too, felt that this is a very moving album. I believe Counting Stars will forever be one of my very favorites.

Nov 2010

This album is like a comfy blanket of familiarality(may have just made up a new word) but it’s just that good! Doing what i can to bring in new listeners. Keep up the kningdom work!

Nov 2010

Great album as usual. This one is like a comfy blanket of familiarality.(may have just made up a new word, but it’s that good!)

Nov 2010

Ok-so I don’t get online every day other than to check my email. But to sit down and write reviews I need to be up before my kids! :) I hit the big 30 this year. A BIG emotional time for me because all my life I looked at ‘30’ as being old. I came to realize in the last month and a half that it’s really no different. :) I still feel young mentally. Physically, maybe not so much. :) BUT ……….to make a long review longer….

I received this CD from my incredible husband for my birthday. It’s been playing non stop in whichever car I decide to drive. It runs through my head when it’s not playing. My daughter says “Why do you love andrew peterson so much?”. :) She’s 6. valid question. I reply back with “Why do you love horses so much?”. :) then she smiles. I keep thinking after each and every CD. How can A.P. get better? He just does. He inpsires me to continue to write my own songs. His sound is relaxing to my ears. It destresses me and brings me back to think upon our loving Savior. I love each and every song. To pick a favorite is hard. but this is by far my favorite cd he’s comeout with. I thought about the last one. :)

I’m good at rambling, so I’ll do my best to shorten this.

Thank you Andrew for all you do and for the music that you write and play.

Nov 2010

You’ve heard it said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But a picture in my mind’s eye makes a thousand words worth reading. Few possess the ability to truly write so well, but Andrew Peterson proves to be one such author. He is an undisputedly gifted wordsmith and master teller of tales. In lyric, in prose, and in fiction, his words have the power to conjure up strikingly vivid images of the sweet, the sentimental, and ultimately, the spiritual.

This is ever so true of Andrew’s most recent record. Counting Stars is a compilation of twelve songs, littered with such fine word pictures. Raw, honest, and true, the album is sure to stir the soul and unearth the deep-seeded desire for a Savior. In subtle stanzas and reverberating refrains, Andrew reminds us of the faith of our fathers, the faithfulness of the Father, and the coming of the day of reckoning.

Nov 2010

I love this CD. I have shared it with others who had never even heard of AP, and they have confirmed. My favorites are “The Reckoning,” “In the Night my Hope Lives On,” and “Fool with a Fancy Guitar.” These songs are such great reminders of so many truths that we too often forget. Thanks for reminding us.

Nov 2010

Far Country was my first AP album. When I got to “For the Love of God” I was a goner, and an instant fan. If the song didn’t splay my heart wide open for every listener to see my deepest and darkest secrets, then it was an invitation to go over to Andrew’s house to hear and share stories around the dinner table with Jamie and the kids. I felt like Andrew was my friend. Like he could actually call me up any minute and say, “Hey JJ, how are you and Mary?” Every album brings that sense of intimacy when you hear it.

Counting Stars is no different. Andrew invites us all to sit down and hear what life on the road is like for him, how beautiful yet dangerous marriage can be, and what it’s like traveling the world of Jamie’s heart over a lifetime. He even shares with us what his prayer for his children is.

Counting Stars feels more low-key than previous albums. Drums are scarce and any jamming is of the acoustic kind. But it’s definitely one of the most personal. So what song got me this time? It’s a toss up between Dancing in the Minefields and God of My Fathers. As a relatively new Husband (2 1/2 years) and a Dad (my son is 19 month’s old), both songs rock my world and bring me to tears nearly every time.

If you’re an Andrew Peterson fan, this is a no brainer. If you’re not (yet), then Counting Stars is a great place to start. I have friends and family who weren’t fans until this album, and it was Dancing in the Minefields that got them hooked. So go ahead and click the little Add to Cart button up there. You won’t be disappointed.

Nov 2010

Another superb album from Andrew Peterson. Andrew has a wonderful gift of distilling Truth into memorable lyrics that just blow you away time after time. This is Andrew’s most musically adventuresome album yet, but it totally fits with his style. And having just become a father, “God of My Fathers” gets me every time.

Nov 2010

My wife and I have had a new Andrew Peterson album for almost each of the major points in our lives thus far. FIrst year of Marriage -The Far Country, First Child - Resurrection Letters 2, Second Child - Counting Stars, and add to that the trials of parenthood and a late coming to Love and Thunder. It’s works far beyond the general Christian-ese and into the depth and breadth of our relationship with Christ. “Isle of Skye” makes me wistful for my own kids, and “In the Night” is our rallying cry as we cry out, in the night, as our kids wake complaining of being too hot or us knowing that that latest tooth is still pushing, willing, it’s way out.

Tony Heringer
Nov 2010

Matt Connor said this is Andrew’s most mature work to date. After giving this a good listen – in particular when I’m out for a run – I’d agree. Andrew always has good lyrical depth but this collection of songs holds to the overall theme well and shows the maturity of a man who, like father Abraham, has walked a few miles himself as one of Abe’s sons. There is a line in “In The Night My Hope Lives On” that chokes me up just about every time. It is a reference to the father of the prodigal son. You’ll have to listen to record to see why that is true.

Rebecca Reynolds
Nov 2010

A lullaby sung over fractured Eden. A hymnal. An island. A refuge from the colic of ruptured hope. Peterson writes the songs we didn’t realize we had forgotten.

Nov 2010

Another solid AP album with quality music and uplifting, God-honoring lyrics. In my opinion, the strongest songs are at the end of the album beginning with “In The Night…”

Nov 2010

This album has quickly become our family’s favorite. Even our 2-year-old will chant “Peberton! Peberton!” from the back seat of our car. We have always been great Andrew Peterson fans, but this album is his best yet! I find myself loving my God, my family, and my friends even more when I soak in these lyrics.

Nov 2010

“The best thing you can do for your fellow, next to rousing his conscience, is - not to give him things to think about, but to wake things up that are in him…” - George MacDonald

That’s what this album does. My friend Aaron pleasantly surprised me by pre-ordering a two pack of “Counting Stars”. If you are already a fan of Andrew Peterson, this album will not disappoint. If you’ve never heard of him, this would be a great place to jump in. “Counting Stars” is an acoustic driven album full of the good, deep, life affirming stuff of longing, fear, hope, disappointment, work, family, imagination, faith and love.

Nov 2010

AP and the crew have done it again. After loving Resurrection Letters so much that we had playing to the birth our our daughter, I wasn’t sure if Counting Stars could come up to that level. Fortunately this album delivers, it’s great to see AP et al. continuing to produce great music while not compromising that speaks to your heart and soul.

If you like AP then this is a must buy and if you haven’t listened to AP then you’ve been missing out and it’s time to catch up!

Nov 2010

This album, is easily the best Christian album of the year. Easily. It takes you on a journey. It is “Narnia” to the ears.

It was the first time I bought an Andrew Peterson album. And what a pleasant surprise!

Albums like these give us hope, hope that true Christian music has not died, but is still alive.

Nov 2010

An AMAZING amazing album with very thought-provoking lyrics. Every song is a must listen!

Nov 2010

This cd has been much-needed food for my soul. The poetry is honest, beautiful, fresh, soul-stirring and dead-on right. That’s a hard thing to do when singing about living life in light of God. I especially appreciate how almost all the songs seem to be about shallow matters at first blush but then belie themselves subtly to deeper things. I’ve been listening to this cd over and over again since purchasing it and it’s not getting old! It’s just as encouraging, touching and spurring as it was the first time I heard it!

Nov 2010

No review, regardless of how well written, could do justice to how good this album is. From Isle of Sky (my personal favorite when thinking of my daughter) to The Reckoning (my other personal favorite) or Dancing in the Minefields (my wife’s personal favorite - just kidding.. but it is such a wonderful song), this whole CD grabs your heart and beckons you into life, love, pain, forgiveness and redemption. Hands down my favorite artist and this being just one of his many amazing CD’s. You should buy this, give it to a friend and then buy another (or three).

Nov 2010

I’ve really enjoyed this album. It keeps on track with Andrew’s style while still making some progression (which I always enjoy from artists) to extend his sound. The writing itself lacks the contriteness of most modern “Christian” music (thankfully) but doesn’t become so wrapped-up in itself that you do not enjoy a casual listen. I also love that Andrew continues to write songs about life, about his story in this world, without having to use evangelical or angelic language. Andrew produces another great piece of art!

Sep 2010

This is brilliant, Andrew. I’ve been listening to this for days and truly a closet has been cracked open in my heart that hasn’t been happened upon in decades. You’ve somehow made this dance among the field of mines seem like more of an adventure than lunacy. Thank you for that…

Jul 2010

I can’t get past being taken up in the Great Glass Elevator and being left there to enjoy the journey through thought and scene, place and time. You are brought in closely to Andrew’s marriage at the same time made to look at what you hold dear to your heart, to their kids at bedtime, then to a back seat of a van/car with all the young Square Pegs with their dreams and hopes full of expectation, to a ground level view of the woman caught in adultery and then to cry for the Lord Jesus’ return. You are comforted by Andrew’s admittance of his faults but yet still how given the promise of how God views you as one of His children. This is a very intimate album both from Andrew’s point of view and the tone of the music. It is traveling music for the heart, mind and soul. I CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO IT.

Counting Stars