Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue
by Jason Gray Jason Gray

The best reason to buy this is because the album title is inspired by a quote from Samwise Gamgee. Should you require other, less convincing reasons…

“Lyrically conjuring up memories of the late Rich Mullins, Jason Gray is a Ragamuffin with a pop veneer. Disclosing vulnerable refrains in veritably smart pop, Gray bares his soul without drowning under the drudgery of sad tunes. For example, on “Fade With Our Voices,” an extremely accessible chorus soberly begs, “Does our worship have hands, does it have feet/Does it stand up in the face of injustice … Does it fade with our voices?” And “Help Me, Thank You,” delightfully admits, “These are the two best prayers I know,” over a shuffling snare and easy banjo. Similar to Sara Groves, Gray’s musical journal is poignant and reflected in these songs.” —Christianity Today

“Gray has managed to pair deep, poignant lyrics with pop friendly music. It’s a blend that draws the listener in while the hook keeps them for the whole ride. Everything Sad is Coming Untrue is more than a record, a collection of songs. It is a journey of renewal and confession.” Suite101.com

Listen to the hobbit.

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Comments & Reviews

Tony Heringer
Nov 2010

Jason Gray is a diamond undiscovered but as more folks are introduced to his music I think they will see what the rest of us already know he is a treasure. Every Sad Thing… is the next step in the life of a singer/song writer who just gets better with every release.

Jan 2010

Just got the album and love it. It is proof that the more general pop sound that contemporary Christian music is known for does not mean it can’t be enhanced with good production and especially very well thought out lyrics. Jason Gray is distinct from the other Rabbit Room musicians and artists because his sound is more pop and yet, just the same in his desire to write songs that require thought and then decision upon listening. All of that to say - this is way better than most of the albums on the shelves in Christian stores.

Bill B
Jan 2010

This might have been my favorite from 2008. The worst song is only very good and best (a few of them) are amazing. He picked some good people to collaborate with and the results are an excellent album that will still be familiar a decade from now.

Dec 2009

I have to say this cd was more then I was expecting it to be. I’ve been a fan of Jason Gray since the first time I heard “Everything I Own” and I’m even more of a fan after listening to this cd. The songwriting on it is inspired and the delivery is fun and original. He has a way of writing that makes his songs incredibly relatable, it’s nice listening to a cd that makes you feel like you’re not the only one with issues. I would definitely put this cd on my top 5 favorites of the year. I highly recommend it.

Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue