Fiddler’s Green
by A.S. "Pete" Peterson A. S. Peterson

Praise for Fiddler’s Green:

“Mercy, honor, trust, dignity, reclamation: these words are not typically associated with pirate folklore. But in the astounding sequel to The Fiddler’s Gun, Peterson has managed to save the best for last. Fiddler’s Green is just as replete with action and adventure as it is with love and reclamation.”

Eric Peters, singer-songwriter, Chrome

“The colorful character of Fin Button comes resplendently alive in the pages of Fiddler’s Green. Peterson has done his research well and found the human heartbeat at the center of both history and legend.”

Douglas Kaine McKelvey, author of The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog

“The best of Peterson’s work in The Fiddler’s Gun is matched and tripled in his action-packed sequel, Fiddler’s Green. He proved himself an able writer of a worthy tale in Gun, but as I read Green, I felt like I was witness to the magical moment of a certifiable author being born. There were passages that took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. Stunning prose, unforgettable characters, a rip-roaring page-turner of an adventure that I couldn’t put down. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Now, tell us another story Mr. Peterson.”

Jason Gray, singer-songwriter, Everything Sad is Coming Untrue

“There’s more to Fin’s story than meets the eye. Sure, there’s peril, piracy, heartache, and humor, yet enveloped within the expected is the unexpected. Fin is not always who I want her to be—rather, she is who she is. Still an orphan deep in her bruised heart, she wrestles with goodness and redemption, but they wrestle back. I love a book when its characters reach out, grab my arm, and pull me into their lives, forcing me to look them in the eye, to bear their burdens and joys. With Peterson’s pen at the helm of such beautiful, poetic, and precise writing, I felt tears rolling down my cheeks during a chapter or two. And is Fin’s homecoming joyful? You’ll have to read this classic-to-be to find out, but I will say that joy is a strange and complex reality. Peterson is right up there with my favorite authors who write truthfully, taking the hurt and ‘turning it to beauty.’”

Jenni Simmons, Editor, Art House America Blog; Contributing Editor, The Curator

Fiddler’s Green

A Secret Mission. A Faraway Sea. A Long-awaited Homecoming.

From the backwaters of Georgia to the taverns of Philadelphia, Fin Button is the talk of the colonies. The British say she’s a pirate. The Americans call her a mutineer. The crew of the Rattlesnake call her the most unlikely thing of all: Captain.

But with the Revolution on the verge of defeat, the Congress offers Fin a deal. If she can free a noblewoman held captive by pirates, the French may be persuaded to join the war. Fin’s reward? A full pardon. Along with Jack, Topper, and the mysterious Armand Defain, Fin sails the Rattlesnake to the Mediterranean Sea, half a world away. Their destination is Tripoli—home of the savage corsairs and slavers of the Barbary Coast.

To win the prize, Fin will need the help of an ancient seafaring order, the Knights of Malta—and the resolve of one faithful knight could alter more than just the outcome of the Revolution. It could mend the heart of a lonely girl and give rise to an American legend.

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Comments & Reviews

Jun 2013

I purchased this book at a BTLOG concert some time ago.  This two book series is amazing.  I fell in love with the characters, the journey, the adventure of it all.  I have purchased copies for friends and family members.  It is truly an incredible story.

I honestly bought the books because Pete is related to Andrew Peterson.  Turns out, Pete is a mind-blowingly talented writer and story teller.  Fin’s tale is full of courage, hope, danger, and restoration.  Read them both, then read them again.

-Rob Collins

Aug 2011

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book (along with the Fiddler’s Gun)! What a remarkable adventure to say the least. I simply couldn’t put the book down. The author is a language artist! Every sentence was carefully and beautifully scripted- giving me not only an image of what was occurring in the story, but also a scent, taste, feelings, emotions, etc. What a talented writer you are, Mr. Peterson! Don’t stop writing- you have an amazing, God-given gift. I hope to read more of your books in the future!

Apr 2011

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

I was enthralled in the story; emotionally attached to every character, (even the bad guys) and raptured with every picture of rescue/redemption/mercy/grace.

I cried, laughed and sat on the edge of the pages in anticipation of hope.

I found myself carefully and purposfully digesting each word and sentence, meditating on each picture they produced as they are some of the most beatifully crafted images I have experienced in print.

The Fiddler’s Story is superb art. Thank you Mr. Peterson

Feb 2011

Finally got a chance to read Fiddler’s Green…well worth the wait. If possible it is even better than The Fiddler’s Gun! Peterson’s writing leaves vivid images that you will dream about when you put it down at night.

I was always on the edge of my seat. Thanks A.S.

Jan 2011

I finished this second offering from the heart of Pete Peterson over a week ago and I still am stirred by it. I haven’t been able to write or read anything since. I think I need some time to recover (in a good way!)

The writing is extraordinary, the ebb-and-flow of each storyline and the growth of the characters is absolutely captivating. Some of the passages in this book are the best I have ever read.

My daughter is upstairs practicing her violin today. The timing of this new-found talent is interesting, to say the least, in the light of this story.


Jan 2011

Fiddler’s Green is phenomenally written: it has fantastic characters (old and new), a fresh adventure that will keep you guessing, and chords of truth that resonate so deeply, you may just come away mended.

Peterson lays page after page of beautiful prose. At times it whips along, at times drawing back to rest in a moment, a sweet song. In every way it is an honest tale – full of tenderness and crushing grief, consequences and redemption

It is compelling when a writer can hold both hope and tragedy in the balance as Peterson does. Selfless and vigilant and risky, he has pushed Fin and her crew to the edge of their mortality and binds them up in hope of love and forgiveness…

“These times of ruin and war will pass, and by love, you will be renewed and all terrible things shall be undone.”

Dec 2010

When I finished A.S. Peterson’s first novel, The Fiddler’s Gun, I was blown away at how this first time author could have written such an engrossing story with such endearing and memorable characters. I was even more amazed that I connected with them so much, and how I laughed and grieved along with them. So when I started reading Fiddler’s Green I shouldn’t have been surprised at how incredibly well written it was, but it blew away my expectations. Oftentimes I read a passage or a paragraph, paused, and read it again just to experience it a second time. While the writing in The Fiddler’s Gun was superb, Fiddler’s Green is simply phenomenal. Peterson has outdone himself.

Fiddler’s Green continues the story of Fin Button, orphan turned Captain of the pirate ship Rattlesnake. Given a chance of a full pardon she heads half a world away in the hope of some day returning home to her beloved Peter. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the world traveling we get in Fiddler’s Green, but Peterson weaves the story perfectly. A lot of people say this about many books, but I had a hard time putting it down for other things (like eating and sleeping). It was gripping from beginning to end. It’s full of just as much action and suspense as the first book, and the heartache I felt for Fin approached new levels. This book will move you. When I read the final page I had a strange mixture of grief mingled with joy that I haven’t felt in a long time after reading a book. It is truly remarkable that a book can stir such emotions, but Fiddler’s Green manages to do just that.

I give this book my highest possible recommendation. It’s a must own

Fiddler’s Green
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