Jill Phillips Album Set
by Jill Phillips Jill Phillips

This 8 album set includes the following:

Kingdom Come CD (special re-release edition w/bonus songs)
In This Hour CD
Christmas CD (with Andy Gullahorn)
God and Money (Download only)
Jill Phillips (Download only)
Nobody’s Got It All Together CD
Writing on the Wall CD
The Good Things CD

  • Jill Phillips Album Set
    Album Set

Comments & Reviews

Nov 2010

I bought these 4 cd’s individually but all at the same time. It was pretty much on a whim and I didn’t regret it for a second, I love them all. She has such a sweet mellow voice, it takes a few listens before the music takes a hold of you, but it does. And it’s the kind of music that deserves to be listened to, not just heard, the songwriting is amazing. It’s hard to even pick a favorite song, there’s so many that stand out. Jill Phillips has a gift and I’m so glad she chooses to share it with us.

Jill Phillips Album Set