Leonard the Lonely Astronaut
by Andrew Osenga Andrew Osenga

Now Available!

Also available: Reveille - the short film based on the album starring Andrew Osenga and directed by Grant Howard (see the trailer below).

Reveille // Official Trailer from Grant Howard on Vimeo.

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Preview 1 Brushstroke 2:15
Preview 2 Only Man In The World 2:20
Preview 3 Out Of Time 4:13
Preview 4 Ever And Always 3:56
Preview 5 Perihelion 1 1:12
Preview 6 Tower Of Babel 3:34
Preview 7 Hold On, Boy 3:55
Preview 8 Smoke Signals 3:47
Preview 9 Firstborn Son 5:57
Preview 10 It Was Not Good For Man To Be Alone 5:14
Preview 11 We Never Said Goodbye 4:55
Preview 12 Perihelion 2 1:22
Preview 13 Beat Of My Heart 3:42
Preview 14 Shooting Star 3:03

Comments & Reviews

Apr 2012

Andrew Osenga has crafted an album that shoots for the stars and brings back a masterpiece.  It is filled with love desiring restoration, regret over mistakes that tore the love apart, ache from the loneliness of separation, and passion to find that love again.  The instrumentals are by far the most amazing of any album he has ever recorded.  The concept of this all being recorded in a spaceship just takes it to a whole other level. 

Strap yourself in and get ready for a ride, one you’ll need to go on again and again.  This album may go down as the quint-essential album of Andrew Osenga.

Jun 2013

My wife and I have been listening to this album repeatedly over the last few months. It’s beautiful. Just now I asked my wife, “Which of the songs from Leonard is the one that so good—” “All of them.” The one that I actually was referring to was “Out of Time”, which is so haunting and perfectly expressive of regret that sometimes I cannot bear to listen to it.

Leonard the Lonely Astronaut