Letters to the Editor Vol. I & II
by Andrew Osenga Andrew Osenga

Now you can purchase Volumes I and II of Andrew’s fan-inspired and assisted, experimental, quirky, moving, and brilliant Letters to the Editor on a single CD. Also includes two bonus tracks. The Proprietor says, “Get ‘Em! They’re neat!”

  • Letters to the Editor Vol. I & II
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Preview 1 Wanted 2:49
Preview 2 You Leave Me No Shadow 3:45
Preview 3 The Ball Game 3:45
Preview 4 Anna And The Aliens 3:07
Preview 5 The Blessing Curse 2:40
Preview 6 Swing Wide The Glimmering Gates 4:46
Preview 7 Secret Country 2:38
Preview 8 Four Horses 2:43
Preview 9 Canada 2:10
Preview 10 Staring Out A Window 3:12
Preview 11 Good Things Always Are 3:21
Preview 12 Let Us Know You 3:56
Preview 13 Waterfalls 1:28
Preview 14 New Beginning 4:48

Comments & Reviews

Tony Heringer
Nov 2010

Well I just reviewed volume I - see that review and just buy this collection. It is a great mix of Osenga tunes exploring themes given to him by his fans.

It's Me, Aaron
Nov 2010

This album served as an introduction to Andrew’s music. I first heard it on a road trip from L.A. to Modesto, with the fresh news of impending change in my ear. Sun streaming in on highway 99 and a melancholy heart was a great way to hear this album for the first time.

This album is a fascinating combination of simplicity and ingenuity, musically and lyrically. Case in point, “Anna and the Aliens” is a boy-and-girl-gotta-get-outta-this-town anthem that would make Springsteen proud, and it just happens to involve aliens.

This album is at times heartbreaking, but always full of hope. Good things always are.

Bill B
Jan 2010

I really like Andrew Osenga’s songwriting. I like all the songs, but Canada is particularly clever.

Andrew Groves
Nov 2009

Simple arrangements, challenging lyrics, and the dashing good looks of Andy Osenga.

Joking aside, Andy Osenga’s Letters to the Editor EPs will make you laugh and make you cry as they touch on the most basic human experiences.

Plus, they illustrate Osenga’s unique fan collaboration method of songwriting. Check it out for yourself!

Letters to the Editor Vol. I & II