Light for the Lost Boy
by Andrew Peterson Andrew Peterson

Released August 28th, 2012

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Preview 1 Come Back Soon
Preview 2 The Cornerstone
Preview 3 Rest Easy
Preview 4 The Voice of Jesus
Preview 5 The Ballad of Jody Baxter
Preview 6 Day By Day
Preview 7 Shine Your Light On Me
Preview 8 Carry the Fire
Preview 9 You'll Find Your Way
Preview 10 Don't You Want to Thank Someone

Comments & Reviews

Aug 2012

Andrew – what depth!!  Thanks for the perspective!  We can’t cure pain that isn’t properly diagnosed.  This mama’s angst isn’t residual mourning over a past that never was.  It is in fact the collision of my desire to protect my kids from a sinful world and the realization that they (and I) ARE the sinful world.  The cure, as you remind us, is “the voice of Jesus calling you His own.”

Jun 2013

Light for the Lost Boy is easily one of my favorite albums of 2012. Each song is full of longing,  truth, and hope. Nearly a year later, I still listen to it regularly.  If you’re thinking about buying it, don’t wait.

Mark Geil
Jun 2013

“Light for the Lost Boy” is Peterson’s finest work. Lyrical gems are expected from this gifted writer, and they are here in abundance. Production has been expanded, and the resulting musical surprises are refreshing. And the remarkably consistent theme is poignant for every sometimes-weary grown-up: the longing for eternity and the glimpses of it in the temporal that bring light to our daily existence. These songs address this human condition spot on, resonating and sympathizing and encouraging.

Jun 2013

Every now and then, an album comes along that does more than provide me with a good listening experience.  These albums challenge me, teach me, and help me make it through some major life transitions.  Light for the Lost Boy is one such album.  I purchased this album as I was going through a moment in my life, as well as struggling with some personal issues.  This album helped me articulate a longing that I was feeling in my heart, and helped me begin a process of overcoming things in my life that had stolen my innocence.  Thank you, Mr. Peterson, for an amazing look at what is lost, and for helping me remember that though we cannot always regain what is lost, we can be found and redeemed.

Light for the Lost Boy
  • Produced by Ben Shive and Cason Cooley