Love and Thunder
by Andrew Peterson Andrew Peterson

A Review from Christianity Today:

“Love & Thunder . . . is drenched in authentic folk pop that is more acoustic, intimate, and mellow than either of Andrew’s previous major releases. Bebo Norman, whose career developed concurrently with Andrew’s, has successfully gravitated his folk sound to pop sensibilities. Andrew, in contrast, is increasingly leaning towards a more subtle folk adult contemporary sound that lies somewhere between Fernando Ortega, Chris Rice, and Rich Mullins. Which brings up an inescapable point for me when talking about Andrew’s songwriting: his lyrical insight truly does echo that of the late great Rich Mullins. With a penchant for simply stated examples and illustrations to express profound ideas, the folksy songwriting on Love & Thunder reflects astonishing beauty and vulnerability not heard often enough in Christian music.”

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  • Love and Thunder
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Preview 1 Canaan Bound 3:27
Preview 2 Let There Be Light 3:56
Preview 3 Serve Hymn / Holy Is The Lord 4:12
Preview 4 Pillar Of Fire 4:40
Preview 5 Just As I Am 3:44
Preview 6 Family Man 4:01
Preview 7 Tools 3:47
Preview 8 High Noon 4:27
Preview 9 The Silence Of God 3:49
Preview 10 After The Last Tear Falls 5:15

Comments & Reviews

Nov 2010

Hope and sadness reveal the most vulnerable places in the human heart. This album uncovers those places then embraces them in a love that gives meaning to both what is sad and what is hoped for.

Nov 2010

Love & Thunder to me expresses beauty in the midst of darkness and suffering. I love the call to the fullness of living as a child of almighty God and the theology of “oh Sarah fair and barren one, come to Canaan, come.” I love the comparison between creation and making music in “Let There Be Light.” There is something exciting about seeing music as that important in reflecting the image of God. “High Noon” is such a clear picture of the gospel. Victory is communicated lyrically and musically! “The Silence of God” is now the number one song I suggest to hearts dealing with depression because it seems to give you permission to come as you are even worshiping in the desert. My favorite moment on the CD is “After the Last Tear Falls.” What a reminder of truth, and that all the pain we see is NOT the whole story. The words and music and beautiful, but the music nerd in me loves the ending most. When Canaan Bound is quoted, and it end unresolved: because it is NOT resolved yet, it is NOT the last tear yet, but it will be. Way to preach a musical sermon through chord structure! I could talk about each song on this album, how they all in different ways call me back to God. If you haven’t heard it you are in for a treat. There is something about deep truth acknowledged in a beautiful way that is healing, and Andrew Peterson has achieved this on Love & Thunder.

Nov 2010

I first listened to this in my quiet, dark bedroom and I already had a lump in my throat after the first song, Canaan Bound, which is beautiful in thought and tone. The strings and piano on that track are blissful. The rest of the album is excellent but everything really comes together for the ending song sequence of High Noon, the Silence of God and After the Last Tear Falls– and back into strains of Canaan Bound. The album makes me feel like I’m out in a field in a cool breeze, standing on a star-watching rock, with my face lifted toward a starry night sky. Still in awe.

Tyson Suemnicht
Jun 2010

Matchless work of art - touching the heart.

Dec 2009

This was the first cd I ever listened to from Andrew Peterson and from that I went on to buy all his other cd’s (I even got a copy of Walk on ebay). This one is still my favorite. I’ve listened to it over and over and I never get tired of it. I can’t think of any other song I’ve ever heard that’s as beautiful and soul wrenching as “The Silence Of God”. I can’t even put into words how good this cd is, everyone should own a copy.

Love and Thunder