Peculiar Treasures
by Frederick Buechner

In this second book of his popular lexical trilogy, Frederick Buechner profiles more than 125 of the Bible's most holy and profane people -- and one whale. In his lively and witty prose, Buechner brings to life such moments from scripture as:

-Adam's pangs of regret for a remembered Eden

-Delilah's last glimpse of Samson as they dragged him away

-Lazarus's first impressions upon rising from the dead

To read Peculiar Treasures is to realize that many of these legendary figures are not who we thought they were. But they are -- in their human dreams, ambitions, and imperfections -- very much like us.

Peculiar Treasures is also the basis for much of Jason Gray's album Christmas Stories: Repeat the Sounding Joy.

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Peculiar Treasures