Solar Wind EP
by Andrew Osenga Andrew Osenga

The Rabbit Room exclusive pre-release has ended. Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut and Solar Wind (B-sides EP) will be available once again when the album is officially released this fall.

Also available for download: Reveille: the short film based on Leonard the Lonely Astronaut starring Andrew Osenga and directed by Grant Howard. 400mb download in Quicktime format.

  • Solar Wind EP
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  • Solar Wind EP
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  • Solar Wind EP
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  • Solar Wind EP
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Preview 1 Be With You 3:42
Preview 2 Space Pirates!! 2:25
Preview 3 Man Of The 24th Century 3:05
Preview 4 Shoeshine 2:58
Preview 5 Spacewalk 3:14
Preview 6 Antihelion 2:12

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Solar Wind EP