The Far Country
by Andrew Peterson Andrew Peterson

From Christianity Today:

“A songwriter’s songwriter of the same caliber as Rich Mullins and Sara Groves, and one deserving of more recognition for his strong sense of melody and lyrical insight. Andrew Peterson has long relied on Scripture and personal anecdotes to color his storytelling, but this time he refines his wordplay further by drawing on his love of fantasy and literature, resulting in songs of increased depth, yet still very approachable.

Though the album is seemingly preoccupied with death, it is actually a joyful affirmation of life and the journey to our true home in heaven. That’s a message all can appreciate: old and young, healthy and infirmed. Bolstered by top-notch musicianship, The Far Country ranks with the artist’s bestan engaging folk pop album much richer than the average coffee house offering.”

Listen to the album here.

  • The Far Country


Preview 1 The Far Country 4:35
Preview 2 Lay Me Down 4:08
Preview 3 Queen Of Iowa 3:59
Preview 4 Little Boy Heart Alive 4:37
Preview 5 The Havens Grey 3:59
Preview 6 Mystery Of Mercy 3:20
Preview 7 Mountains On The Ocean Floor 4:55
Preview 8 All Shall Be Well 4:34
Preview 9 For The Love Of God 5:04
Preview 10 More 3:29

Comments & Reviews

Nov 2010

Perhaps I do occasionally peek into my wardrobe to check if its back might (just this once) be made of fur tree nettles and not pine, and maybe I do sometimes consider how many of life’s necessities would fit in a bandana tied to a stick. “The Far Country”, from its lyrics and musicianship to its captivating insert design, takes that kind of delight in the journey and meditates with that kind of wonder and excitement. My heart will never get tired of hearing that call onward and upward.

Nov 2010

This is one of my “desert island” albums. It is absolutely, breathtakingly profound and beautiful.

Nov 2010

This was the first Andrew Peterson album I bought and the first thing that struck me was the gorgeous album art. Holding that in my hands, I knew the album would be good, but I didn’t know how good– till I listened to it. The lyrics are brilliant. The music sails you along. The journey home may not be easy, but this is true encouragement along the way. This is an album that I listen to in its entirety, over and over again.

Nov 2009

“The Far Country” makes me long for my home. It embraces life while foreshadowing the joy of what’s to come. The music, the lyrics – each song is a work of art that stirs something deep within.

The Far Country