The Good Things
by Jill Phillips Jill Phillips

I’ve always thought of Jill Phillips as an under-the-radar treasure, but her sixth disc, The Good Things, may finally out her. Her songwriting has gone even deeper, she’s assembled a stellar supporting roster, her inner rock chick peeks through nicely, and her music is comparable to Shawn Colvin.

The album’s 10 tracks are warmly personal, as her fine, clear vocals tackle spiritual realities of daily life and its occasional surprises with intrepid honesty.

Thick layers of intelligent instrumentation shine through the folk-pop chorus of “Your Usual Response,” powerfully conveying the sorrow of disappointing a faithful God.

Guitars and strings are the understated heroes of the project, Steve Mason (Jars of Clay) injecting a Sheryl Crow feel to the driving “Long Time Coming,” and Ben Shives’ strings lift Phillips’ vocal beautifully on standout track “All The Good Things.”

A lot of affirmation adds to the potency of The Good Things. “Any Other Way” salutes the marriage that perseveres while “Resurrection,” a power tale of faith that stands through the death and illness of loved ones, is delivered unflinchingly, punched up forcefully by dramatic rhythmic support.

One more must-mention is the piano-driven “Children,” a moving and intimate joyful song of praise devoted to her family.

All The Good Things are right here.

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Preview 1 Your Usual Response 3:54
Preview 2 Small Window Of Time 2:55
Preview 3 Cool 4:05
Preview 4 Long Time Coming 4:40
Preview 5 All The Good Things 3:48
Preview 6 Any Other Way 4:57
Preview 7 Resurrection 3:35
Preview 8 Only Say The Word 3:11
Preview 9 Children 4:08
Preview 10 A Lot Like Me 4:27

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The Good Things