The Molehill: Volume 1
by Andrew Peterson The Rabbit Room

The Molehill: Volume 1 is the Rabbit Room's first annual (we hope) literary journal. It's an eclectic collection of fiction, essays, poetry, and other sundries by the Rabbit Room community and a number of special guest writers. Includes:

Fiction by Walt Wangerin, Jr., Jonathan Rogers, S. D. Smith, Lanier Ivester, and A. S. Peterson

Non-fiction by Sally Lloyd-Jones, Ron Block, Jason Gray, Randall Goodgame, Eric Peters, Sarah Clarkson, Russ Ramsey, Matt Conner, Travis Prinzi, G. K. Chesterton, Andrew Peterson, and Thomas McKenzie

Artwork by Justin Gerard, Jago, Jennifer Trafton, and Evie Coates

Poetry by Andrew Peterson, Lanier Ivester, A. S. Peterson, Jennifer Trafton, and Don Chaffer

...and Recipes by Evie Coates

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Oct 2012

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The Molehill: Volume 1
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