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Leonard the Lonely Astronaut


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Only Man In The World
Out Of Time
Ever And Always
Perihelion 1
Tower Of Babel
Hold On, Boy
Smoke Signals
Firstborn Son
It Was Not Good For Man To Be Alone
We Never Said Goodbye
Perihelion 2
Beat Of My Heart
Shooting Star

From Jason Gray's review of the album:

"I stand in amazement of Osenga’s accomplishment, and I often find myself shaking my head with either a big grin or tears as I listen–sometimes both at once. I would stack the writing of this record against any of my all time favorites, but the greater accomplishment in my mind is the fact that this is a record of healing and will do much in those who will let it in to do it’s work.

Here at the end I think of Henri Nouwen who tells us that the role of the spiritual leader is to go first into the dark to help show the rest of us the way through. In this work, Andrew Osenga is a brave and generous leader who takes us into the darkness of our own sin and loneliness–a consuming black hole that can swallow our whole lives-–to chart a way through to the healing on the other side.

And did I mention that he built a spaceship?!"

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