Rabbit Room Membership


We're often asked how people can best support the Rabbit Room and the work we do. The first and best answer is to support the authors and musicians that we feature. By purchasing their work through the Rabbit Room store, you can be sure that the artist is receiving the lion's share of the profit, and the rest goes toward the operating expenses of the Rabbit Room itself.

Many people, however, have asked how they can contribute in a larger way, and that's the purpose of Rabbit Room Membership. By joining us as an official member, you'll be providing much-needed support as we continue to create the content and events that you enjoy. In return, we're pleased to be able to offer the following benefits, which are valid for one year from the date of your purchase.

Membership Benefits:

1) A free copy of The Molehill Volume 4 ($15 value), which will ship in January 2016.

2) 15% off all purchases in the Rabbit Room store

3) Free download of the Hutchmoot 2015 Audio Archive (over 20 hours of audio!) ($50 value)

4) A special 2016 Membership mug, the style, color, and design of which is only available through membership ($20 value)

5) Free, discounted, (or exclusive) access to certain Rabbit Room events

6) Awesome Membership Card (value beyond measure)

Membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase.


NOTE: Mugs ship immediately. The Molehill Vol. 4 and Membership Card ship in January 2016.



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