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The Storm
Save Something For Grace
You Can Be Yourself
In The Meantime
You Come Over Me
Long Road (To Nowhere)

From the Proprietor:

This is a great record. Maybe Eric’s finest work, which is really saying something. It’s as catchy as a flu bug but the songs are weighty. I was thinking the other day about Eric’s work, and how with some artists you go to them for answers. You read their books or listen to their songs because you feel like they’re well-educated or particularly wise. With others, you go to them not because of their answers, but because of their questions. That’s how I feel about Eric. I’m not saying he’s not wise (he is), or that he doesn’t have anything to say (he does), or that his songs are ambiguous (though some of them are). I’m saying that when I listen to his songs I feel comforted for having questions of my own. He echoes them and gives validity to them while reminding me that the answers are sometimes only found in the act of fervently, desperately hoping.

Eric’s willingness to sing about his darkness does what the best art should do: it reminds me that I’m not alone.

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