10 Gifts of Wisdom


Every parent wants their child to grow into a gracious and competent adult. Gratitude, perseverance, generosity; these are just a few of the social and spiritual skills children need before they leave home. Yet few parents today have a clear vision for how to cultivate those traits in their children. What does it look like to form character? How can a mother train her child’s heart to be excellent and good? 10 Gifts of Wisdom answers those questions.

In these pages you will find ten gifts of character and wisdom that you, as a loving and involved parent, can give to your children before they leave home. You will be inspired, instructed, and empowered to give your children the foundation they need to build a life of strength and meaning. 

A hands-on guide to character formation, 10 Gifts of Wisdom is crammed with practical suggestions, personal stories, and encouragement for moms in the thick of child training. But this is also a book of vision, offering you the inspiration and comfort you need as you seek to raise your children with excellent characters, strong minds, and loving hearts.





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