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Reinventing the Wheel


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Original Cliche
Nobody Wants to Work
How Precious Life Is
Desperate Man
Roast Beef
Alright Here
That Guy
More of a Man
Enough Time
Holy Ground
Give it Time

The majority of the tracks on Reinventing the Wheel are adorned with little more than an acoustic guitar. But singer/songwriter Andy Gullahorn saves the special artistic flourishes for his lyrics. He certainly knows how to craft a pretty melody, and the intricate strains of “Desperate Man” and “Roast Beef” prove his guitar skills aren’t merely perfunctory. But his lyrical insights are most appreciated these days when so many artists are favoring style over substance.

Gullahorn has probably read his fair share of reviews over the years, so he understands the tension between reflecting musical influences and coming up with something truly unique. He also seems to understand that he need only apply himself to take a familiar concept and phrase it with originality.

Such is the case with “Original Cliché,” which reminds us that we all struggle and fall short: “You say that no one understands you/So you walk the world alone/Trying so hard to be different/That you’re really just a clone.” He eloquently continues the conversation with “Desperate Man,” affirming that it’s “such a lonely way to live” without God’s daily intervention.



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