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Every Moment Holy, Vol. 3 Hardcover

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Every Moment Holy, Volume III: The Work of the People is a book of over 100 new liturgies for daily life, drawing on a range of writers, artists, poets, songwriters, pastors, and illustrators (with Douglas Kaine McKelvey both writing and editing). With prayers by Malcolm Guite, Ellie Holcomb, Philip Yancey, Ruth Chou Simons, Sho Baraka, Andrew Peterson, and more, this collection represents a community of believers engaged in the work of reminding all of us that our lives are shot through with sacred purpose and eternal hopes even in the midst of the everyday moments that make up our lives.

Pocket Edition Coming August 2024! 

Liturgies Include:

A Daily Liturgy for the Pilgrim
A Liturgy After a Fight Among Siblings
A Liturgy Before a Board Game
A Liturgy Before a Job Interview
A Liturgy Before Contemplating Poetry
A Liturgy Before Exercise
A Liturgy Before Fishing
A Liturgy Before Giving an Apology
A Liturgy Before Giving an Apology
A Liturgy for One Who Cares for an Infirm Parent
A Liturgy Before Hosting
A Liturgy Before Looking at a Work of Art
A Liturgy Before Piano Practice
A Liturgy Before Teaching
A Liturgy Before Writing a Poem
A Liturgy Begging the Grace to Love One Man or Woman Well
A Liturgy for a Lonely Holiday
A Liturgy for a Single Person Going to Church
A Liturgy for a Sponsored Child
A Liturgy for a Walk in my Neighborhood
A Liturgy for a Walk in the Woods
A Liturgy for Air Travelers
A Liturgy for Artists & Makers
A Liturgy for Beginning An Artistic Work
A Liturgy for Beginning The Study of God
A Liturgy for Contemplating the Empty Bedroom of a Child who has Left Home
A Liturgy for Dropping off Children at School
A Liturgy for Getting Dressed
A Liturgy for Giving Your Kids Bad News
A Liturgy for Learning a New Language
A Liturgy for Leaving a Loved Home
A Liturgy for Mechanical Repairs
A Liturgy for One in Need of Courage Just to Get Out of Bed
A Liturgy for One Living Behind Bars
A Liturgy for One Overwhelmed By Debt
A Liturgy for One Overwhelmed by Turbulent Emotion
A Liturgy for One Suffering Anxiety
A Liturgy for One Who Parents a Child with Special Needs
A Liturgy for One who Suffers a Degenerative Condition
A Liturgy for One Who Works the Nightshift
A Liturgy for One Whose Friends Have Moved On to a New Stage of Life
A Liturgy For Penning a Letter
A Liturgy for Planting a Tree
A Liturgy for Preparing to Meet People from Other Cultures
A Liturgy for Remembering Places & Times to Which We Cannot Return
A Liturgy for Sunrise
A Liturgy for Taking a Meal to Others
A Liturgy for Those Anxious About Air Travel
A Liturgy for the Baking of Bread
A Liturgy for the Loss of a Tree
A Liturgy for the Resurrection of Faith
A Liturgy for the Wrapping of Christmas Gifts
A Liturgy for Those Distressed by Intrusive Thoughts
A Liturgy for Those Employed in Manual Labor
A Liturgy for Those Mourning the Loss of a Church
A Liturgy for Those Wearied by Winter
A Liturgy for Those Who Are Envious of Another's Answered Prayer
A Liturgy for Those Who Build Boats
A Liturgy for Those Who Desire to Find Community in their Calling
A Liturgy for Those Who Feel Distant from God
A Liturgy for Those Who Find It Hard To Speak
A Liturgy for Those Who Push Back Against Chaos
A Liturgy For Town-Planning
A Liturgy for Unseen Labors
A Liturgy for When Breastfeeding Isn't Going As Planned
A Liturgy for Wisdom and Learning
A Liturgy for Yard Work
A Liturgy for Yard Work II
A Liturgy of (Re)Dedication to the Way of the Amateur
A Liturgy of Corporate Intercession for Those in Ministry
A Liturgy of Intercession for an Artist at Work
A Liturgy of Intercession for One in Ministry
A Liturgy to Begin the Day’s Creative Labors
A Liturgy Upon Receiving Rejection for a Creative Work
A Liturgy for Welcoming a Child in Foster Care
A Liturgy When a Child in Foster Care Leaves Your Home
A Liturgy when Preparing for a Job Interview
A Liturgy When Someone You Love Believes Differently From You
A Prayer After a Child's Meltdown
A Prayer Before Sailing
A Prayer Before Writing
A Prayer for Birdwatching
A Prayer for Nursing Mothers
A Prayer for One Who has Lost Faith in a Hero
A Prayer for the Perfectionist

Momentary Liturgies include:

After Speaking in Haste
Before an Exam
Before Answering an Unwanted Call (momentary)
Before Answering an Unwanted Call II (momentary)
For an Infant’s Medical Procedure
For Daily Stewardship of Gifts
For Election Day
For Giving Feedback
For Long Hours Caring for an Infant
For One Suffering Long Emotional Pain
For Receiving Feedback
For Solo Gamers
For the Righteous Use of Communication Technologies
For Wasted Moments
For When a Parent is Exhausted
For When the Baby Isn’t Sleeping
Upon Feeling Rejected
Upon Lighting a Candle
Upon Nighttime Infant Feedings
Upon Observing a Toddler’s Early Steps
Upon Pausing Social Media
Upon Receiving Kindness from a Friend
Upon the Breaking of Something Precious
When Tempted to Procrastinate
When Washing Dishes
While Tuning an Instrument

List of Authors:

A.S. Peterson
Alicia J. Akins
Allen Levi
Alli Rogers Dahlgren
Allie Osborn
Amanda Duvall
Amy Baik Lee
Anastina Wiles
Andrew Peterson
Andrew Roycroft
Andy Patton
Anna Friedrich
Aubrynn Whitted
Ben Palpant
Catherine Claire Larson
Chris Slaten
Dawn Morrow
Dorothy Sayers
Douglas Kaine McKelvey
Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt
Ellie Holcomb
Emily Bellinger
Fernando Ortega
Hannah Hodgson
Hannah Hubin
Heidi Johnston
Janel Davis
Jennifer Trafton
Jess Ray Langdon
Jessica Hooten Wilson
Jessica Smith Culver
Johnston Moore
Jon Lowry
Joshua Luke Smith
Katie S. Williams
Katy Rose
Lanier Ivester
Leslie Bustard
Leslie Eiler Thompson
Lisa Eldred
Liz Snell
Luci Shaw
Malcolm Guite
Mark Meynell
Matthew Clark
Ned Bustard
Ruth Chou Simons
Sandra McCracken
Sara Bannerman
Sarah Crowley Chestnut
Sarah Wilson
Shera Moyer
Sho Baraka
Théa Rosenburg
Tiffany Holden
W. David O. Taylor
Wayne Garvey

List of Illustrators:

Craig Hawkins
Emily J Person
Erling Rantrud
Justine Maendel
Ned Bustard
Matthew Clark
Stephen Crotts


Many of the liturgies of Every Moment Holy are designed for use in community, but it's not always possible for everyone in the room to have a copy of the book when a liturgy is being read. For this reason, many of the liturgies of Every Moment Holy are available as downloads for personal or public use. Click here for more information.




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