The Molehill


The Molehill is the Rabbit Room's annual literary journal. It's an eclectic collection of fiction, essays, poetry, and other sundries by the Rabbit Room community and a number of special guest writers.  

Contributors include: Walter Wangerin Jr., Sarah Clarkson, Lanier Ivester, Jonathan Rogers, G. K. Chesterton, Zach Franzen, S. D. Smith, Jennifer Trafton, Jeffrey Overstreet, Andrew Peterson, Russ Ramsey, A. S. Peterson, Thomas McKenzie, Rebecca Reynolds, Eric Peters, and Jonny Jimison


Fiction by Walter Wangerin Jr., Jamin Still, Lanier Ivester, A. S. Peterson, Jonny Jimison

Non-fiction by Eric Peters, Sarah Clarkson, Russ Ramsey, G. K. Chesterton, Thomas McKenzie

Poetry by Andrew Peterson, Luci Shaw, Chris Yokel, Jen Rose Yokel, Russ Ramsey, Jonathan Rogers, Douglas McKelvey

Art by Jennifer Trafton, Jamin Still, Jonny Jimison

Recipes by Lewis Graham


Fiction by A. S. Peterson, Lanier Ivester, Adam Whipple, Thomas McKenzie

Non-fiction by Russ Ramsey, Jonathan Rogers, Janna Barber, G. K. Chesterton, Don Chaffer, DKM

Art by Joe Sutphin, Stephen Hesselman, Jonny Jimison, Daniel Sorensen, Jonathan Richter

Poetry by Walter Wangerin Jr., Chris Yokel, Jen Rose Yokel, Chris Slaten, G. K. Chesterton

Recipes by Lewis Graham

Further oddities and wonders by DKM



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