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Hutchmoot 2018 Audio Archive


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Features over 30 hours of audio recordings from Hutchmoot 2018.

1. Balm for Broken People: Why Scenes, Sights, and Sounds Matter (Mark Meynell)

2. Bonhoeffer and The Other (John Hendrix)

3. Adorning the Dark: Thoughts on Community, Calling, and the Mystery of Making (Andrew Peterson) 

4. Voices of Grace: Encouraging Women in Artistic and Christian Community (Helena Sorensen, Jill Phillips, Janna Barber, Thomas McKenzie)

5. Finding Rest For The Soul (Curtis Zackery, Matt Canlis)

6. On Patience and the Imagination (John Hodges)

7. Prophetic Imagination in Hip Hop (Mary McCampbell)

8. Pushing the Bus Uphill: Forming a Creative Community (Bill Wolf, Adam Whipple, Janna Barber, Palmer Gregg)

9. Reports of the Church's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (John Pattison)

10. Resistance and The Narrow Road (Matt Conner, Thomas McKenzie)

11. Reason to Believe: Spiritual Hunger in the Music of Bruce Springsteen (Matt Conner, Andrew Osenga, John Barber, Mark Geil, Chris Yokel)

12. Symphonic Apologetics (Mark Meynell)

13. A Hidden Ministry: The Art, Music, and Story of Caregiving (Sally Zaengle, Allen Levi, Mitzi Pierce, Laura Brown, Kevan Chandler)

14. Imagining Our Neighbors as Ourselves: The Arts, Empathy, and the Christian Imagination (Mary McCampbell)

15. The Creative Voice and the Voice of the Creator (Steve Guthrie)

16. Betting on the Dark Horse: The Holy, Hidden Potential of Human Weakness  (Rebecca Reynolds, Douglas McKelvey)

17. Memento Mori: The Morbid Truth About Joyful Work (Jonathan Rogers, Matt McCullough, Chris Slaten)

18. The Perilous Pilgrimage: How Writing Shapes the Writer (Andrew Peterson, S. D. Smith, Helena Sorensen)

19. The Second Muse: How Songs Become Songs (Drew Miller, Andrew Osenga, Ben Shive, Brown Bannister)

20. The Well-Formed Imagination: Opening the Eyes of Your Child’s Heart (Clay Clarkson)

21. Transient Beauty: Earthly Works by Eternal Beings (Ned Bustard, Joe Sutphin, John Hendrix, Kyra Hinton)

22. Fools and Dreamers: Vocational Faithfulness for the Creative Misfit (Jennifer Trafton, Lanier Ivester)

23. Will Beauty Save the World (S. D. Smith, Heidi Johnston)

24. Working Together: An Art Story (Russ Ramsey)



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