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Hutchmoot Homebound 2021 Audio Archive


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This extensive audio archive of the Rabbit Room’s Hutchmoot: Homebound 2021 contains all sessions from the conference (listed in their entirety below) as well as Malcolm Guite’s Keynote Address and a special preview of Lindenfair, a new musical by A. S. Peterson, Liam Searcy, and Matt Logan.

Complete List of Sessions:

  • A Mystery in the Making (Sara Groves, Ben Shive)
  • Art & Advocacy (Sara Groves, Troy Groves)
  • Faith, Fiction, & Christian Nationalism (Russell Moore)
  • Getting Started with Dante (Diana Glyer)
  • Imagining the New Creation (James Paul)
  • Making as Vocation: Is Art Commerce or Expression? (John Hendrix, Erin Barker, Eddy Efaw, Stephen Crotts, Steve Prince, Gina Sutphin
  • Shaping the World with Stories (Sho Baraka)
  • Story & the Child’s Imagination (Sara Danger, Walter Wangerin, Jr.)
  • The Beauty & Challenge of Intentional Community (Heidi Johnston, Glenn Johnston, Desi Maxwell)
  • The Golden Key (Jerry Root, Cherie Harder)
  • The Indispensable Feast (Steve Guthrie, Lanier Ivester)
  • The Trees at the Heart of Creation (Andrew Peterson, Tim Mackie)
  • The Virtues & Practices of a Flourishing Artist (David Taylor, Phaedra Taylor)
  • What John le Carre’s Spies Teach Us about Conspiracy Theories (Mark Meynell)
  • What Remains Unsaid: Edward Hopper, Loneliness, and Our Longing for Connection (Russ Ramsey)



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