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Nobody's Got It All Together


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 Nobody's Got It All Together
By A Thread
Square Peg
Daily Bread
Turn It Around
The Middle
Moving On
Never Let Me Down
Rise Above
The Door
I Am

From the Proprietor:

Jill Phillips is one of my favorites, I’ve had the honor of inviting her to sing background vocals on several of my songs, and have played many shows with her over the years.

When she sings, you can tell that she believes every well-written word. Whether written by her or by her husband Andy Gullahorn, the songs on her records are strong and beautiful.

Nobody’s Got It All Together has many great moments, but perhaps none quite so fine as the background vocal on the title song. It’s guaranteed to give you goosebumps, and might just turn your life around. I mean, who (ahem) is that guy?



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