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The Story of God With Us


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The kind of true storytelling every Christian parent hopes for. A delight to read aloud, and a visual feast. You'll want the book's refrain to find a home in your child's heart. Highly recommended!” -Sarah Mackenzie, author of The Read-Aloud Family and host of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast.

“I can’t think of another book that so deftly, lyrically, and beautifully conveys the glory of God’s plan for his people and this world. In just a few pages Padgett, Gregorie, and illustrator Aedan Peterson take us on a journey from Creation to New Creation--with Jesus shining at the heart of it all. A breathtaking marriage of word and image.” - Andrew Peterson, Singer/Songwriter and author of The Wingfeather Saga and The God of the Garden.

The Story of God with Us is a fully illustrated book, written Kenneth Padgett and Shay Gregorie and illustrated by Aedan Peterson, that tracks through the Bible following the primary storyline of God's relentless pursuit to be with his people. The story moves from Genesis all the way to Revelation by featuring various mountains that appear throughout the Bible.



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