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Hutchmoot 2016 Audio Archive


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This huge 825mb archive features over 20 hours of recorded sessions from Hutchmoot 2016 including:

Note: Some sessions refer to visual aids not included here.

All Liturgy, All the Time (David Dark, Doug McKelvey, Thomas McKenzie)

Dinner Table Conversation As a Way of Being the Church (Matt Conner, John Pattison)

Gods & Rabbits: How Watership Down Leads Believers and Writers to Freedom (Jeffrey Overstreet)

Heartbeats of a Livegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming (Clay Clarkson, Sally Clarkson)

The Hospitable Critic (Russ Ramsey, Dave Bruno)

In Search of Home (Lanier Ivester, Jen Rose Yokel, Matt Conner)

Kids, Music, and the Kingdom (Randall Goodgame, Katy Hutson)

Those Who Came Before Us: A Songwriter's Lineage (Andrew Peterson, Cindy Morgan, Doug McKelvey, Andrew Osenga)

Makers and Thieves: Subcreation and Inspiration (Carrie Givens, Chris Yokel)

The Music of Language / the Language of Music (Ben Shive, Jennifer Trafton)

Mystery, Knowledge, and Love - In the Work of the Holy Spirit and the Work of the Artist (Steve Guthrie)

Magicians and Medievalists: Re-enchanting the Modern Mind (Chris Slaten, Lanier Ivester)

Visual Theology: Baptizing Our Imaginations (John Hendrix)

2016 Keynote Address (Diana Glyer)



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