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The Crying for a Vision


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2003 Hardcover Edition

The Crying for a Vision is at once a dramatic account of the rise and fall of the Lakota Indians, and an absorbing allegorical saga of the Lakota orphan Waskn-Mani (Moves Walking). The Crying for a Vision vividly describes Moves Walking's conflicts with the all-powerful, one-eyed warrior, Fire Thunder, whose rise to power eventually leads to the spiritual destruction of the earth and its people. In the end, it is up to the gentle, nature-conscious Moves Walking to save the world and heal its "elemental sorrow-the anguish of living things when the sacred hoop is broken," and to do so he must make the greatest sacrifice of all.

Told with extraordinary literary grace and infused with the author's deep love of the Lakota people, this is a timeless tale of good and evil, life and loss, and the transforming relationship that all people of faith can experience with creation and the Creator. 

Steeped in the culture, history and legend of the Lakota Sioux, The Crying for a Vision is a novel as majestic as the open plains of the Dakotas.



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