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The Lost Tales of Sir Galahad


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For centuries, scholars have debated the nature of the adventures of Sir Galahad whilst he was lost in the Wild Forest of legend before he took up his quest for the Grail. It was thought that no record of his deeds therein had survived. But the scholars were wrong.

Newly discovered tales of the errant knight and his further adventures have been brought to light at last. And behold but a smattering of their wondrous treasures: dragons, trolls, magic, mystery, heroic deeds, faithful companions, and doubtful choices that nearly lead to all manner of ruin.

Rabbit Room Press is proud to present these historical documents to the world for the first time. With contributions from visiting scholars such as Jonathan Rogers, Malcolm Guite, Junius Johnson, A. S. Peterson, and many more, these tales have been scrupulously compiled and annotated by leading experts of dubious renown and are presented here with 100% historically accurate depictions by Ned Bustard.



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