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Hutchmoot 2022 Audio Archive

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Includes over 30 hours of audio from sessions at Hutchmoot 2022.

Warning: this is a BIG, 4GB download of MP3s.


Something You Once Knew (Joshua Luke Smith)
Secret Decoder Rings: The Use of Symbolism in Art (Steve Prince, Ned Bustard)
Creating out of the Dark: Artists and Mental Health (Joe Sutphin, Bailey McGee, Gina Sutphin, Jamin Still, Kyra Hinton)
Owning Mona Lisa—DaVinci’s Masterpiece and the Desire to Possess More than Life Can Give (Russ Ramsey)
The Christian Story in a Time of Culture Wars (Russell Moore)
Flannery O’Connor and The Habit of Art (Jonathan Rogers)
Client Work as a Ground for Growth (Stephen Crotts, Ben Shive)
Rumors of the Holy City: The Purpose and Practice of Pilgrimage (Jennifer Trafton, Pete Peterson, Julie Canlis, Matt Canlis)
Resonance and Grace: The Testimony of Sound (Steve Guthrie)
Wild Things and Rabbits in the Room (Leslie Bustard, Mitali Perkins, Carolyn Clare Givens, Elizabeth Harwell, Matthew Clark, Laura Peterson, Gypsy Martin, Amy Baik Lee, Carolyn Leiloglou)
Frederick Douglass: Exploring Music, Justice and Protest (Ruth Naomi Floyd)
Royal Vagabonds: How John Bunyan’s Life and Work Offers Hope for Storytellers and Artists (Joe Sutphin, Erik Peterson, Nathan Engelhardt)
What is a Christian Game? (Andy Patton)
Owning Mona Lisa—DaVinci’s Masterpiece and the Desire to Possess More than Life Can Give (Russ Ramsey)
The Delicate Art of Adaptation (Pete Peterson, Andrew Peterson, Chris Wall, Stephen
Hesselman, Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson, John Hendrix, Chris Slaten)
The Hospitality of Need (Kevan Chandler, Douglas McKelvey)
We All Want Something Beautiful (John Barber, Mark Geil, Matt Conner, Andrew Peterson, Santosh John)
She Slays in Mysterious Ways (Rebecca Reynolds, Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson, Pete Peterson)
Comics Are For Everyone: A Literal Panel Discussion (Jonny Jimison, John Hendrix)
By Way of Sorrow: Doubts, Crisis, and the Arts (Janna Barber, Lore Ferguson Wilbert, Chris Wheeler)
Pass the Piece (Kyra Hinton, Elise Jimison, Tim Joyner, Ella Mine, Chris & Jenna Badeker)
Sculpted Identity: Early Christian Views of Art, Identity, and...Baptismal Fonts? (Julie Canlis)
Creation Right Where You Are (Julie Witmer & Christie Purifoy)




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